Get $50 for making your first trade at ErisX.

Are you currently paying 30, 40 or even 150 basis points (bps) to trade on another crypto venue? Is the platform adding a “spread” or other layers of fees on top of its transaction fee?  All these fees add up. If you’re paying 150 bps, your position needs to appreciate 3% before you reach breakeven on a round trip trade! 

On ErisX, you not only have a very low starting fee but you can also earn a 1 bps rebate for passively filled orders. You wouldn’t pay $100 in shipping and handling when a competing site offers free shipping for the same commodity? Why pay 100x the fees to trade BTC on another exchange?

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Even better? ErisX is the only US state and federally regulated platform that can offer spot and futures on the same screen.

Upgrade Your Trade

We listened to our Members' feedback and have made significant enhancements to our platform.  We invite you to test out the enhanced ErisX offering. As an added incentive, fund and trade within one month of opening your account, and we will credit you $50 the following month for your next trade. Read more below about how we are the most secure yet cost efficient and transparent platform for trading spot and futures on cryptocurrencies.

ACH FundingACH

Since we launched in 2019, we have offered account funding via wire transfer. The feedback we received was that this suited our intermediary and institutional Members but was less user-friendly for direct individual Members, i.e. it was burdensome and expensive. We listened to the feedback and now offer Members the option to fund their accounts via ACH by submitting the transfer request directly from their ErisX Member Portal.

Trading User Interface

We have also taken that feedback from our Members and built a brand new trading interface, from scratch.  Simple to navigate, easy to place orders, and responsive so you can open it on your mobile device; our new trading interface has a familiar layout and a crypto-friendly workflow.  

The Algo Machine (TAM) ™

We decided to go a step further than just a UI upgrade and developed The Algo Machine (TAM) ™.  Accessible via our Trading UI as well as our Websocket API, customers can automate their trading strategies without having to write code. Our first algo features are a “pegged order” and an “order-on-fill.” Pegged orders allow Members to enter a buy/sell order in the spot market that will automatically reprice, pegged to a specified reference price, with a user-defined offset. Order-on-fill orders will automatically generate a contra-side sell/buy order when a Member’s original order executes. 

Get Paid to Rest

When you trade crypto on the ErisX platform you can reduce your trading costs. In addition to the $50 incentive for your first trade,  passive order flow can earn rebates rather than incur fees.  Orders that enter the market and post, i.e. are not filled immediately, but later fill within a designated time frame, qualify for a rebate.


Bounded Futures

Finally, we have introduced a suite of bounded futures contracts that provide an innovative approach to fully funded contracts and efficiently enable short positions in crypto futures.  Bounded Futures are cash-collateralized and protect position holders against large price movements in the underlying cryptocurrency market; bounded futures contracts incorporate upper and lower price boundaries, limiting exposure for long and short position holders.  Depending upon the difference between the trade price and a contract’s boundaries, the capital required may be lower than other crypto futures contracts.

Enhance Your Trading, Reduce Your Fees

As a unified platform for spot and U.S. regulated futures markets on cryptocurrencies, we organically provide collateral efficiency. Our low trading  fees, Paid to Rest and other incentive programs make us the most cost efficient, transparent and regulated crypto platform available. We enable Members to trade in the crypto markets without sacrificing security or performance.  We invite you to start trading on the ErisX platform and take advantage of all our incentives.